Selling homes in blooming Shenandoah Valley
Teksin Duman

Short Sales

I am a SHORT SALE  expert.  I work with short sales everyday.
I have been helping sellers since 2007, as an educated and experienced short sale specialist. I am ready to help sellers to face this new, but very common situation.
A short sale is not synonymous with foreclosure.
It happens when a seller must, for any reason, sell their property for less than what they owe.
I specialize in listing, negotiating and closing short sale properties. I have a very high success rate in my dealings with short sales.



In today’s market conditions I  find the best deals in foreclosed properties and Short Sales for my clients.
Because Ia subscribe to foreclosed property listings, I have access to the information even before the listings re on the market. This allows me to help my clients buy these good deals. These homes are very often in good condition and do not fit the image of distressed handyman specials that some people may have of foreclosed homes. These homes are foreclosed on just because of the recent lending market turmoil. By buying foreclosed homes you are not taking advantage of someone else, you are helping to stabilize the housing market and getting a great deal at the same time.
If you are interested in getting more information about foreclosed and short sale listings, feel free to send me an email or give me a call.